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  Microsoft + WWU  Time Management in Mixed Reality

Microsoft + WWU Time Management in Mixed Reality

  GE Appliances  Air Conditioner & VBL

GE Appliances Air Conditioner & VBL

  Chess Set  Form Study

Chess Set Form Study

  GE Appliances  Dishwasher App

GE Appliances Dishwasher App

  GE Appliances  Future of Dispensing

GE Appliances Future of Dispensing

  IDO  Remodel / Signage

IDO Remodel / Signage

  GE Appliances  Refrigerator Door-in-Door

GE Appliances Refrigerator Door-in-Door

  Tea Set  Form Study

Tea Set Form Study

  S Bench  Modular Seating

S Bench Modular Seating


Please note: My work from GE Appliances is confidential.
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