Family Relations

Chess sets are a classic design challenge. As a personal project, a goal of this design was to examine the relationship between the board and the pieces. Even minimalist chess designs fail to address the disconnect between the square-checkered surface and the round pieces on the board. How can you indicate the differences between the black and white spaces without a checkerboard? 

6 Week Timeline



The Checkerboard Redefined


By combining through-holes with a thin lip and partial holes, the black and white spaces are shown without the use of traditional checker squares. In addition, the registration of the board allows organization of the grid even in the chaos of mid-game.




After conducting a series of tests for size and fit, the dimensions were finalized to allow fitted registration while not getting stuck or scratched. The pieces were designed with manufacturing in mind. Using a CNC lathe, the pieces can be made from stock aluminum while the board is made from acrylic.